My Teddy Bear came!

So, my dad dropped me off at my grandma’s house and I saw something that came in the mail.

It was a teddy bear dressed up as Casey Jones, because it has to do with trains. When I got this, I asked my Grandpa if he and I could get this off of the catalog and he did not mind at all.

So, I was very lucky when I got the teddy bear, because I was very happy and excited and this was just what I wanted!

My other train sweat shirt came in the finally!

So, I came to my grandma’s house right after my dad dropped me off and I came in and saw what was in the hallway, so when I looked, it was a sweat shirt and it had a picture of a steam engine called, the big boy.

So I checked it and it said it glows in the dark when I wear at night. As I tried it on, I told my grandpa that it fits perfectly and he told me, “beautiful.” And I told him, “Thank you for finding me this sweat shirt.” And he said, “You are very welcome.”