The two picture frames that I bought when I was with my grandma at the thrift store two years ago.

So, the first picture frame was the SP 2-6-0 Mogul Steam Engine and it was build in 1900. And when I found this picture frame, I really knew I would love this and it made me happy.

And this picture that I found was the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and it had the picture of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and it also said, “Santa Fe is the only railroad entering this National Park.” I was so excited when I found those two picture frames, because I was really into trains and it was also very exciting.

This train is the one that my dad was showing while he was on vacation in a long time ago.

So, while he was working, when the train came by, he took pictures and showed them to me, so here they are.

So, in the first picture, the diesel engine was here when it pulled up.
In the second picture, it was getting ready to leave.
In the third picture, I saw some freight cars being pulled by the diesel that works for Union Pacfic Railway.
In the last picture, two hopper cars were being pulled, so that’s all for now.

Now, that is what I called it, the freight train, because I thanked my dad for showing me those pictures while he was gone on vacation in a long time ago in the first place.