I have a railway crossing sign in the garage!

Last week, while my dad was at work, he found the railway crossing sign and took it home with him, because he knew I would like that as a gift.

So, we picked up the sign out of the SUV and hung it up in the wall in the garage by using the power drill with two screws.


A Day at the Museum!

So, it was a sunny afternoon. After having lunch, I went to a museum that has model trains.

At the museum, there was a diesel engine and a steam engine. One was pulling the goods and the one was pulling the passenger train.

Then, they were some more trains, because they were very beautiful at the museum.

The name of the museum was called, “Old Town Model Railroad Depot.”

More Trains at the Coast!

In the afternoon after having fun, going to see the animals and eating out, my dad and I walked out and saw the sign at the train station called, “Santa Fe.”

While walking past the sign, I saw another engine at the station waiting for the coaches to be coupled for the very next train and it was a very hot and sunny!

The T-Shirt that I got!

One fine morning, I went to the thrift store to check out what they have and at the t-shirt area, I found that t-shirt that had the steam engine in it.

On the t-shirt, it said, “Roll on and keep that whistle blowin’.” And it was red and colorful too. After getting the t-shirt, I tried it on and it fits perfectly and I was very lucky!

So, that was the very best t-shirt!

A Book that I found last week!

So, I went to the thrift store and I found a good book of Trains. Now when I got this, I was very happy, because the title of this book was called, “Supertrains.”

Also, I thought it would be a very good book to read. It is very excellent. When I read the book, it had steam engines, strange engines, huge engines, high speed trains, and diesel engines.

It also had hillclimbers too!